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At Vegan Toys we aren't just spreading peoples legs, we are spreading the word that Orgasms are healthy and should be fun. People around the world are getting a whole new form of vitamin D from our featured sex toys. Our products only contain the healthiest of materials so you and your body can have the best guilt free orgasm!

Myself Jake Reynolds have created VeganToys in the hope to grow the sex toy industry and drive a more positive view on sex and sexuality - we want to encourage people to see it more openly as an integral part of people's health and wellbeing.

Our mission is to educate people on the benefits of that delicious sheet gripping climax feeling that we should experience more. We are here to close the orgams gap and to empower women to talk comfortably about their sexual health. We want to crush any negative persona someone might have on masturbation.

Sex toys come in lots of shapes and sizes and in the most cases can come across intimidating and off putting for first time users - further fueling the negative connotations assumed with masturbation. But we know that it is healthy and should be accessible to all - that's why we focus our designs on making ‘friendly and fun’ sex toys for all to use. Our toys are great for first timers and are perfect for a gift to a veggie lover.

Vegetables are healthy right?! That's exactly why we create our products in that shape as orgsms are healthy too and should be part of a healthy lifestyle. For more information about the benefits of orgasms please visit our blog.

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