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At Vegan Toys we aren't just spreading peoples legs, we are spreading the word that Orgasms are healthy and should be fun. People around the world are getting a whole new form of vitamin D from our featured sex toys. Our products only contain the healthiest of vegan materials so you and your body can have the best guilt free orgasm!

VeganToys was founded by Jake Reynolds in 2018, in the hope to change the sex toy industry and drive a more positive view on sex and sexuality - we are on a mission to tackle the stigma associated with self-pleasure. Orgasms are good for your mind and body, and we want to encourage people to see it more openly as an integral part of people's health and wellbeing.

‘An orgasm a day will keep the doctor away.’

🍆 + 🍑 = 😜

We think many sex toys currently available are made to look very intimidating and therefore reinforce the stigma associated around self-pleasure. Through our light-hearted and fun designs, we want to emphasize that self-pleasure should be and is guilt-free and enjoyable.

VeganToys team ❤️