Why VeganToys?

It’s time to change the narrative! Welcome to VeganToys, where orgasms are guilt free and fun for all! We are fed up with the taboos and stigmas around masturbation. Why be quiet when we can be LOUD? Pleasure is for everyone, and so are your five a day ;). I created VeganToys LTD with the aim to evolve the sex toy industry. We are spreading healthy vibes all around the globe in the hope of reaching a more orgasmic, sustainable and juicy future. 


Orgasms are healthy

We wanted to make sure that everyone knows how healthy orgasms are. Not only do they feel great, but they have so many health benefits: they can help you sleep, boost your immune system, reduce anxiety, increase circulation and the list goes on…We want to close the orgasm gap and empower women to talk about their sexual health. Vegetables are healthy, right?! And orgasms are too! So we have created products in the shape of fruit and vegetables to promote a healthier and more balanced diet, er, we mean lifestyle. For more information about the benefits of orgasms please visit our blog.

Orgasms shouldn't be scary
Sex toys come in lots of shapes and sizes but they often come in overly shaped genitalia with hugs veins and vibrating balls. Although, lots of people are attached to this and it works well we also understand how some people may see it as a little intimidating. It may even put Someone off buying a sex toy, especially if the first thing they saw was "15-inch monster vibrating cock". That's what makes us different we make our products colourful, fun, humorous and with a touch of sexy. A keen example of this is our notorious Emoji eggplant vibrator, its sexy fun and people can relate with it as they use it in text messages when messaging a crush. Our toys are great for first-timers and are perfect for a gift to a veggie lover. However, don't be deceived although our vibes are fun they pack a punch to clench anyone's needs!
We only use the healthiest materials in our toys
Unfortunately, the sex toy industry is not very well regulated. This means that brands can cut cost by using non-body safe materials in their toys. Some sex toys have been found to include chemicals which have caused itching, burning and even tissue damage. For example, phthalates are a common plasticizer which is used to make plastics softer. They are also a likely carcinogen and may cause neurological and reproductive issues. That's why at Vegan Toys we only use the best materials in our products so you and your body can enjoy a healthy guilt free pleasure without worrying about what it's doing to your body. We use medical grade silicon and glass for our products which are safe and can be cleaned easily.
Jake Reynolds