Top Vibrators for Women 2019

We have made it to the final list of the top vibrators 2019. 

'Best for: The playful vegan who likes buzzing vibrations'

'I’m very new to sex toys.Whenever I think of sex toys, I imagine huge dildos, not something like this. I was so impressed by the discretion of this toy, it fit into the palm of my hand and felt very playful. I have been following a plant based life for the last five years and I never knew that vegan toys were out there for me in abundance, so that was pretty special.

‘From tip to tip, it’s the softest thing ever. It was a very sensual experience. It’s just the one button, so it’s very easy to use. That totally worked for me because I’m so new to this. I never thought my favourite vegetable could be so much fun.’