"The best eco-friendly sex toys for a sustainable sex life"

"Words by Chantel Pereira: When it comes to daily life, most of us have ditched plastic water bottles, cut back on red meat and started using reusable bags for food shopping. But when it comes to our sex life, we haven’t quite mastered the eco-friendly sex toys swaps – and we really need to...

Condom wrappers, lube stored in plastic bottles and those plastic covered little gadgets that give us so much on-demand pleasure are actually harming the environment, due to plastic’s inability to decompose, thus leading to landfill pile ups and polluted seas.

Making the switch from something you’ve found to be essential part of your bedside table to a new era of sex toys can be quite the leap. But as we progress towards both a greener and cleaner way of life, so does the sex toy industry, and its producing alternative eco-friendly sex toys substitutes which emit less harmful emissions into our ecosystem.

And VeganToys included…"

Extract from MarieClaire

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