Glass and its benefits in Sex Toys

Glass Sex toys and their benefits

Here at vegan toys, we have an amazing range of exquisite and quirky Glass dildos from carrot to cucumber you name it we got it, and everything is absolutely vegan-friendly.

The concept of using crystal glass to masturbate maybe a bit bizarre to some but this new up and coming trend is doing wonders in the bedroom.

Not only are these sexy crystal toys being a joy to look at, but the silky hard touch to the glass is what makes them so different from the ordinary sex toy. The beautifully designed glass is either silky smooth or curved and bumped for extra pleasure like our featured ‘Glass cucumber Dildo’. All you need to do is squirt a bit of fruity lube on for extra juiciness and you’re ready to go. In addition to the glass being nice and slick compared to the other plastic or silicone, sex toys the glass dildos are free from nasty toxins and chemicals plastic toys sometimes contain. Glass Toys are also dishwasher safe, so you can make sure it’s completely clean and ready to use for your next go.

Why use A glass Sex toy?

One of the main reasons using a glass sex toy is largely considered to be used it because it is hypoallergenic and toxin free, it’s always a plus to know what you are putting in your body Is causing you no harm and is ‘healthy’ especially when it's shaped like a carrot or eggplant. Also, a well-cared for glass dildo will defiantly outlast any plastic alternative, providing a lifetime of satisfaction. Furthermore, because its glass you can have a lot of fun with temperature play which is what makes the glass dildos extra exiting.

Temperature Play

Glass sex toys are great for temperature play, they can be easily heated up in hot water and in the same way, can be cooled down in your fridge or freezer or a bucket of ice for intense variations. However, they can also warm up according to your body temperature.

Using hot or cold temperatures to stimulate the skin can provoke a reaction in the skins neuroreceptors, which can cause tingly sensations making your experience more exciting and explosive, combined with blindfolds and handcuffs can increase the sensations. Temperature play could be a perfect way to spice things up in the bedroom and to get the juices flowing again.

How to use your Glass sex toy safely

Before using your glass sex toy, it advised to wash it in warm soapy water (Never HOT) as it can damage the crystal. Before you begin, try to leave the glass dildo at room temperature.

Lubricate your glass dildo so it can slide in (and out) with ease. Using different motions such as slowly twisting can enhance pleasure.

To heat your dildo up safely use hot tap water make sure it is NEVER boiling water and submerge the glass dildo in water for a few minutes.

To use a cooler temperature, you can alternatively use a bucket of ice or cold water, however it is important to never go from one temperature to the other e.g. do not put the dildo in hot water after it has been cold in a bucket of ice and vice versa as this can cause the glass to crack. Also, never put your glass Dildo in the Microwave!

We suggest using a sex toy cleaner to sterilise the glass dildo before and after play to make sure it is at its most hygienic level.