Do our vegetables not hit the spot? 

When it comes to taste we can all agree that not everyone's pallet is the same. There are some who like bananas, corns and chillis,  but maybe those aren't for you, so let us introduce you to our sister company: YoniGemStones, a world of healing and positivity. 

What is YoniGemStones?

YoniGemStones is our sister company, which sells crystals in forms of dildos, wands and eggs, you name it, we have them all. Each crystal has different healing powers which can suit your different moods and needs - such as Rose Quarts - the crystal of self love, Black Obsidian - the crystal of creativity, Amethyst - the crystal of protection, Fluorite the crystal which has the ability to absorb negative energy and change it into positive energy, all these and many more can be found on the YoniGemStones website. 

Clear Quarts Yoni wand, Rose Quartz dildo, Fluorite dildo crystal


Some of our crystals can also be used for other purposes such as our Yoni Kegal Eggs, these can be used  to strengthen your pelvic muscles, which can help you achieve a more intense orgasm. If this is something that may interest you then you can read all about them in our most recent blog The Health Benefits of Yoni Eggs. 

We also sell Yoni wands, these are smooth wands which can be used as massage tools or as dildos, they are also great for temperature play, for more information on how to use a Yoni Wand check out our Yoni Wand blog  on our YoniGemStones website. 

Opalite yoni wand crystal in waterfall

Why not give one of these a try, who knows what new doors may open for you.